Packing Plus Sized: Cancun, Mexico

My first tropical location! I’m lucky to have a good friend recently move to Cancun, which gave me the perfect reason to buy a last-minute ticket.

I’ll be staying in the hotel zone at Hostel Natura for 5 nights. With the cold, Jersey weather sinking into my bones, I’m ready for warm sand, blue waters, and the colorful atmosphere of Cancun, Mexico.

However, this specific packing experience is new to me. Being plus sized, I sometimes struggle to pack as light as standard travelers. Combine this with my overwhelming obsession to challenge my packing skills and my inexperience in tropical locations, and you end up with me packing, unpacking, and re-packing my carry on duffel bag a minimum of 4 times.

So after sitting in a room surrounded by piles of clothes, blasting Disney music, and arguing with myself, this is what I packed for 5 nights in Cancun, Mexico!





1 tank top (green)
1 spaghetti strap (floral)
3 short sleeve (teal, grey, white)
1 chiffon cover (blue)
2 cami undershirts (grey & white)


3 capri leggings (black)
1 pair of jeans (worn on the plane)


1 bathing suite
1 Pajamas (yoga pants & t-shirt)
2 bras
5 underwear
2 pairs of socks

Toiletries & Miscellaneous

Murad Skin Care
Tea Tree body wash, shampoo & conditioner
Hair Ties
Toothpaste & Toothbrush
Contacts & Solution
Wipes (sanitizing, female, & face)
Small first aid kit
Makeup (BB cream, mascara, brows, small shadow, powder, brushes)
Ear plugs
Hair Straightener
Portable charger
Small satchel 

Not Shown

Sneakers (worn on flight)
Flip flops
Phone Charger



I packed everything a couple of times. First I used packing cubes, but no matter how many times I hear about others loving them, I always feel like they actually take up more space than they save. So I went back and just packed all my clothes the old fashioned way, but used a small packing cube to keep all my toiletries together.

I also took left behind a few items after going back to re-pack. I took out one of the short sleeve shirts, the first aid kits, some extra sanitizing wipes, and a small bottle of “scented mist”….aka the cheap perfume spray I got in London.

(All these items were in the original pictures, but were not counted on the list in the post.)

I also made some last minute additions at the recommendation of my friend: sunblock, and a towel. I had planned on buying these items once I got there, but because we’re staying in the hotel zone, the prices might be inflated for tourists to pay top dollar.


So, that’s that! This post is short and less wordy than my others, but I’m leaving for the airport within 30 minutes of writing this so I hope it suffices! I’ll be sure to update this post if anything changes with my packing once I get there, and when I return.


What do you bring to tropical locations? Did I forget anything? Did I bring too much? Let me know in the comments below!


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