Trip Announcement: 2 Months Solo in Europe

This summer, I’ll be heading out on my first solo trip around Europe! For the last 6 months I’ve been watching flights, researching transportation, comparing hostels, breaking in shoes, buying too much stuff, and everything else that comes with planning a long term trip.

With 15 days left on American soil, I’m sharing my basic itinerary, some brief trip details, and a list of what you can expect to see this Summer on Weigh Out Wander!



(places with an asterisk* are potential day trips from the base city. Road trips are identified with a starting and end point as well as hopeful sites/locations.)





The Netherlands



Norway (road trip)

     Start: Trondheim

     Hopeful sites/locations

          Jotunheimen National Park
          Sognefjellet Road

End: Oslo




Czech Republic


          *Cesky Krumlav




Croatia (road trip)

     Start: Zagreb

     Hopeful sites/locations

          Krka National Park

     End: Zagreb

Slovenia (road trip)

     Start: Ljubljana

     Hopeful sites/locations

          Lake Bohinj
          Julian Alps
          Triglav national park

     End: Ljubljana





(Austria & Switzerland have no specific plans at the moment, just places I’d like to within them)


Trip Details

This is an open-ended trip, meaning I only have a one way ticket. Based on some rough calculations, I’m expecting to be in Europe for close to 2 months (give or take.) My itinerary is a mix of a planned and “wing it” mentality. I have a set plan for the first 15 days, but the rest of the trip is just a rough outline.

So basically, I know where I want to go, and in a somewhat sensible order. But exactly when I’ll get to each place or how long I’ll spend there? Well that’s up to future me.

After many hours of deliberation (and arguing with travel forum “experts”) I’ve decided to use a Global Rail Pass for most of my travel between countries and major cities. I’ll also use public transportation and rental cars for smaller day trips and a road trips in chosen countries.

There are a lot of “firsts” happening for me on this trip. This is my first solo trip, my first trip using more technology (laptop & camera) and it’s also my first trip using travel insurance. I’m incredibly excited for the new places I’m going to see as well as the experiences I’ll gain. However, I’m still working through the process of using my camera and laptop safely and efficiently while staying in hostels and traveling via train.

So, I’m asking for any tips/advice for keeping my laptop charged, organizing/storing photos in my camera and laptop, and the easiest and safest way to carry around my new DSLR Nikon D3400 while exploring new cities.

If you have any tips, tricks, hacks, or advice to offer, leave it in the comments, below!


As a reader, what’s in it for you?


  • New destination posts for each location with pictures and basic itinerary
  • A massive itinerary covering my route throughout the entire 2 month trip
  • Links to any excursions, accommodations, and helpful resources
  • Information about the cost of the trip and dealing with finances while traveling
  • New posts about plus size travel & preparing for an extended trip (plus size or not!)
  • Of course, new Instagram and Facebook posts so you know where I am, what I’m doing, and where I’m going next!


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Europe, here I come!



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England (will be posted soon!)

2 thoughts on “Trip Announcement: 2 Months Solo in Europe

  1. Get a good power pack! I love solar batteries, but the ones that can charge laptops are a bit expensive. There are decently priced power packs tho. Also I have a solar powered battery that I use for my phone when I’m camping and I LOVE it. I usually charge it in the car on the way, and then just leave it in the sun whenever I can to keep the juice up.

    1. Yes! A power pack is certainly on my list. I have 2 cheaper packs, that I’ve used before, but they seem to be showing their worth. I figured a solar power pack would be a great option considering I’ll be out in the sun during most days exploring. Do you have a brand or certain pack you recommend?

      Thanks for the advice!

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