About Linsay

About Linsay  ⇓          

Linsay is a 25 year old female born in Georgia and raised in New Jersey. She’s a mixture of sass, charm, explosive sarcasm, and ridiculous humor.

20151219_215932Linsay graduated a year early from Montclair State University in 2013. She earned her degree in Music Education with a concentration in classical cello. She soon landed a job as the Director of Orchestras in a small school district in North New Jersey. She stayed there for 3 years before taking a similar short term position in another district.

Linsay has a lengthy musical resume and continues to freelance as a cellist in NJ, PA, and NY.

Linsay’s life is a humorous combination of brutal honesty and irrational fears, cats and baby animals, and an overwhelming amount of indifference. She is a true pisces, loves singing show tunes alone in her car and walking around craft stores.
Most importantly, Linsay is a master at plus size living. She is able to comprehend and navigate the struggles and joys of being a big, beautiful, bold plus size woman. Also, she loves scarves.