About Weigh Out Wander

Yup, that’s me…the weird, frowning American sitting amongst giant glacier chunks in Iceland. 

Nice glaciers..pretty glaciers

This is also the moment I fell in l♥ve with the world.

My name is Linsay. I’m the creator of Weigh Out Wander, and a plus size traveler.

I went to Iceland back in 2014 and when I returned, I was different. I spent the next two years researching flights, destinations, and working three jobs to supplement my income before I was let go from my full time position and forced to re-think how I was living my life.

Since then, I have started on the path to minimal living in order to travel as often and as freely as possible. This includes selling all my belongings on eBay, creating a financial plan, and researching the ways I can travel the world while selling my soul paying off my student loans.

I started Weigh Out Wander to share and write about my progress and adventures. Along the way, I also provide insight on what it is like to be a plus size traveler in a world that labels overweight people as “incapable,” “inept,” and worse…“tourists.”

Weigh Out Wander not only focuses on the trials and successes of plus size travel, but also the trials and errors of travel in general! 

If you still aren’t sure if you’ll find something you like, let me break it down a little bit further..

This blog is for you if you:

-are plus sized and want to know more about plus size travel from someone who does it!
-are curious about adventuring in foreign countries!
-want FREE itineraries and route maps to all the countries I’ve visited!
-love reading hysterical, strange, and addictive stories about adventures!
-love sarcasm and hyperbole!
-want to be inspired to travel the world!

Follow along as I figure out how to live a big, beautiful, wander-ful life!